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Facultative Questionnaire for Evaluation of Impact of Export Project on Environment
The facultative questionnaire is designated for exporters/investors whose projects can be expected to be classified under category A or B as a result of negative evaluation of the impact on the environment and who know the required information. Provision of this information will speed up process of assessment of the environmental impact of the export/investment and preparation of the insurance contract.
  1. Does the environmental legal regulation in the country of final destination contain the evaluation of environmental impact of projects - EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment)?
  2. Is there an EIA Act in the country of final destination:
    1. Who prepares the EIA documentation (EIA Report or EIA Review)?
  3. Is there in force in the country of final destination:
  4. How are legally treated other related system activities in the country of final destination:
    1. territorial and regional planning
    2. right to know
    3. public participation in decision-making processes right)
  5. Who are professional partners at disposal in the country of final destination for examination of selected chapters of an EIA, particularly impact on components of local environment, on air, climate, water waterways, generally on nature, people, on culture including religion (e.g. at universities, institutes, in state institutions for a given project?
  6. Have you at your disposal map documentation of said locality in a sufficiently detailed scale (1:10.000, 1:25.000, 1:50.000); in a proper scale for case of a possible synergy with other resources (e.g. 1:100.000)?
  7. Are there any customs, traditions, usages etc. in the country of final destination in communication with the public both organized e.g. in civic associations and general, affected e.g. by nearness of place of realization of the project and their place of residence, with interest in protection of natural, cultural, historical, religious, ethnic or other specifics?
    If yes, which?
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