Complaints handling

Export guarantee and insurance company (EGAP) accepts complaints about its procedures in connection with the insurance contract or service that has been provided. These are cases in which the complainant considers that the insurance company has not complied with the contractual arrangements, or has acted in breach of legal regulations when providing insurance.

The complainant may be a natural or legal person who has been provided with the service or has been affected by the service, e.g. a policyholder, an insured person, an authorized person and a damaged third party.

The cost of dealing with complaints claimed by the complainant is borne by EGAP, with the exception of the costs of necessary testimonies and statements of third parties.

I. Complaint

The complaint must contain at least the following information about the complainant and the subject of the complaint:

  • name / business name, company ID and registered office, designation of person acting - name, surname and function,
  • contact address, or telephone or e-mail connection for more detailed queries from EGAP to a complaint,
  • a precise description of the content of the complaint, with all available documentation and other essential information,
  • the date of filing the complaint and the signature of the complainant,
  • any other requirements tailored to the terms of a particular insurance product.

EGAP does not deal with anonymous complaints, only records their submissions.

II. How to file a complaint

The complainant may make a complaint in one of the following ways:

  • personally (orally) or in writing at EGAP headquarters, by written notification to the address of its registered office,
  • e-mail to

Upon oral submission of the complaint, EGAP makes a record of the complaint. The complainant agrees to this record by his signature and receives a copy.

Acceptance of the complaint is confirmed to the complainant no later than 5 working days after filing the complaint. The confirmation will provide basic information about the EGAP’s process when handling the complaint.

EGAP is entitled to request the complainant to provide further documentation relating to the complaint. The complainant is obliged to provide the necessary co-operation in the proper course and handling of the complaint. An incomplete complaint may be filled in by the complainant within 10 calendar days of receipt of the request for replenishment. If the complainant does not fill the complaint, EGAP will handle the complaint on incomplete data, if possible, or postpone the complaint and inform the complainant.

III. Complaint settlement

If, after an initial assessment of the complaint, marked as a complaint delivered to EGAP, this complaint is not within the meaning of the above, the submitter is informed in writing of the reason for refusing the complaint.

The deadline for processing the complaint is 30 days from the date of receipt. (The deadline for completing the complaint by the complainant is not counted.) If the complaint can not be settled within the specified time limit, the complainant is informed in writing of the expected date of its settlement. At the written request of the complainant, the information about the status of the complaint is provided at least every 10 working days.

Upon written request, the complainant shall be notified of the complaint in writing unless another form is individually agreed with the complainant. Information is provided at least every 10 working days.

In the event that complaints can not be accommodated or only partially, the notification of the EGAP's opinion on the complaint is provided. If the complainant is not satisfied with the settlement of the complaint, the Czech National Bank is the authority to which the complainant can refer to.