International sanctions regimes

In its activities, EGAP is to observe the rules binding on the Czech Republic in the area of international sanctions, as stipulated by Act No. 69/2006 Coll., and the Czech Republic's obligations arising out of international treaties and membership in international organizations with regard to the sanctions announced by the USA.

International sanctions are applied where:

  1. stipulated by a decision of the Security Council of the United Nations,
  2. it follows from common positions, joint actions or stipulated by other measures based on the provisions of the Treaty on European Union regarding common foreign and security policy, or
  3. it follows directly from applicable regulations of the European Union (formerly European Communities).

International sanctions are applied mainly on territories, entities, goods and areas.

The Ministry of Finance (MF CR) is charged with national coordination of implementation of international sanctions in the CR.

The basic framework for application of international sanctions in the activities of EGAP is an overview of international sanctions on the website of MF CR.

Basic overview of sanctions regimes

  • international sanctions of the Security Council of the United Nations
    A database of international sanctions of the Security Council of the United Nations is available on its website – UN Security Council Sanctions Committees
  • international sanctions of the European Union
    International sanctions resulting from the Czech Republic's membership in the European Union are listed in the EU's database of sanctions at website
  • World Bank control regime and its database
    The World Bank has a database of problematic entities from its point of view. This database is available on the website of the World Bank in a listing of ineligible banks and natural persons
  • sanctions applied by the USA and their database
    Monitoring of entities in the OFAC database and application of sanctions imposed on them is not legally binding on the members of the European Union but they are taken into account in the context of Sanctions regimes, in particular International sanctions of the EU. Sanctions applied by the USA are listed in the OFAC database (Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN)) at website