Country Classification

The country classification according to the export credit risk is made periodically and is based on results of the Country Risk Assessment Model (CRAM) processing the latest IMF and World Bank data on financial - economic situation of a classified country and the payment experience indicators of Export Credit Agencies - participants to the OECD Consensus - and further adjusted by the unquantifiable risk evaluation by country risk experts of the political situation and of other factors and experience not included into the CRAM input data.

Countries are classified in 7 risk categories, where countries with the highest level of political risk represent the 7th category and countries with the minimum risk level are in the 1st category. In the category 0 (zero) fall countries to which export credits are granted under condition of non-existence of the political risk and the commercial risks insurance should be offered on the market principles, i.e. without any government support. In principle, if there is no extraordinary development in a country, each one is classified once a year.

A special group represents countries in the category 0 (zero) with a high income per capita. Export credits maturity for these countries cannot exceed 5 years.