Rules for origin of goods

The share of Czech goods and services in the total value of the export as one of basic conditions of insurance with state support has to meet the following parameters:
Maximum insurance value of the export
Minimum of Czech share
up to 100 million CZK incl.
not applied
100 - 500 million CZK incl.
30 % (exceptionally min. 20 %)
over 500 million CZK
50 % (exceptionally min. 20 %)
An exception in the form of a lower share is possible only in transactions when the exporter unequivocally evidences that goods necessary for completion of the export are not produced in the Czech Republic or certain criteria of national interest are met.
Decisive for determination of the Czech origin of goods is that the exporter invoicing these deliveries to a foreign buyer is a company registered in the Czech Republic or its foreign subsidiary. Similarly, sub deliveries purchased by the exporter from other Czech production companies are considered as deliveries of Czech origin. Requirement of the Czech origin of the goods is fulfilled also in case of sub deliveries which the exporter and/or his Czech sub supplier has purchased abroad but their value has been further increased in production for export. Only such sub deliveries purchased by an exporter abroad and subsequently resold to a buyer are considered as goods and services of foreign origin for purposes of determination of the required share.

From the calculation of the Czech share are excluded entirely:

  • foreign sub deliveries for which EGAP gained reinsurance,
  • foreign sub deliveries financed without the Czech state support
    (without EGAP's insurance and CEB's financing/refinancing),
  • foreign sub deliveries covered by counter guarantees.