In the initial stage of negotiations of business cases, EGAP offers for the below products the possibility of "pre-scoring", where an accelerated preliminary analysis is carried out based on the provided data, and a non-binding statement on the maximum insured value and rating in the range of 2 points on the entity or transaction is provided. This statement is only non-binding preliminary information and it is confidential.


Insurance product Bf, Cf (export supplier credit insurance against the risk of non-payment) and D (export buyer credit insurance against the risk of non-payment)

The bank or the exporter fills out part A of the preliminary insurance application together with the rating model of the debtor (proklik na příslušné kontakty na webu), and submits financial returns of the debtor for the last 3 years. Pre-scoring is possible even if the rating model has not been filled out (i.e. only based on assessment of the preliminary applications and returns), however, in this case allow more time for processing.

Petr Martásek, Director of Export Credit and Investment Insurance Department
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Michal Janků, Deputy Director
phone:222 842 354
fax:222 844 130

Štepán Kolanda, Deputy Director
phone:+420 222 842 321
fax:+420 222 844 130


Insurance products B, C (export supplier credit insurance against the risk of non-payment)

In these cases we will proceed individually; please contact us to agree further steps.

Jan Dubec, Director of Acquisition and Suppliers Credit Insurance Department.
phone:+420 222 842 328
fax:+420 222 844 130