Insurance for export-oriented companies

  • Do you need to increase the limits of your existing bank financing and are you looking for additional security for banks? 
  • Are you increasing production capacity to meet growing demand in foreign markets?
  • Have you decided to increase the energy efficiency of your production?
  • Do you need to increase inventory and work-in-progress for future exports?
  • Are you investing in production automation and looking for affordable long-term financing?
  • Have you found a profitable acquisition opportunity - a company that will complement and expand your production potential?
  • Do you want an operational source of financing for your key subcontractors?


We will insure your loan for operating financing or investment in the Czech Republic.


What are the terms of insurance?

  • The target client is a Czech company that has an export share of at least 25 % of its sales in the last accounting period
  • The applicant for insurance is the financing bank
  • Maximum insurance coverage is 80%, i.e. the bank's deductible is always at least 20%
  • The insurance can be used for investment loans (maturity depending on the type of investment, its lifetime and return - even over 10 years) or for operating loans for additional working capital, maturity 1 year with the possibility of prolongation (revolving)
  • Purpose of the loan: acquisition of new production capacity, reconstruction, modernisation, technological innovation, increase in energy efficiency and self-sufficiency, acquisition of "green" technology, payment of inputs to production, provision of subcontracts, energy, services, expenses for entering new markets, acquisition and protection of intellectual property, etc. - unlimited range of purposes
  • Meeting at least one criterion for assessing export potential:

    • Demonstration of customized production coverage with increasing export share
    • Higher value-added production
    • Acquiring new customers and markets
    • Helping with the liquidity of an export-oriented company
    • Creating jobs in the Czech Republic
    • Awarding subcontracts to Czech companies
    • Traditional experienced Czech manufacturers with references
    • Czech protected know-how
    • Support for SME subcontractors for export
    • Acquisition or establishment of a trading company in the Czech Republic to strengthen the export capability of the company
  • Monitoring of the appropriateness of the use of the loan by the bank in accordance with the agreed purpose
  • Insurance cover for non-repayment of the loan without any link to the performance of a specific export contract
  • Insurance rates according to the borrower's rating and the length of the loan, premiums are paid in one lump sum in advance
  • Collateralisation of the loan according to the type of loan, up to 1 year for normal ratings without collateralisation
  • Assessment by the requesting bank that the purpose of the requested loan contributes to strengthening the international competitiveness of the borrower
  • For investment-type loans, submission of an analysis of the return on investment/loan by the insured bank
  • For operating type loans, submission of a working capital requirement analysis by the insured bank


Product intentions:

  • Finally available operating and investment finance for exporting companies
  • Significant simplification of pre-export financing and reduction of its administrative complexity
  • Insurance applicable to all banks in the market, tailor-made insurance coverage for banks and different types of loans
  • For investments with long-term loan maturities
  • Flexible financing without being linked to a specific export contract
  • Acceptable insurance rates
  • Investments in the expansion or modernisation of production and operational financing of an export-oriented enterprise

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Contact us for more information:

Ing. Michal Pravda, Deputy Director, Export Credit and Investment Insurance Department
+420 222 842 348