First Half-Year 2012 Business Results

Thursday, 16. August 2012

During the first half-year 2012, we concluded 125 new insurance policies for state supported insurance totaling almost CZK42 billion, out of which extensive business cases with insurance value exceeding in every individual case one billion CZK accounted for approx. CZK31 billion. Prescribed insurance premium for new policies amounted to CZK1.2 billion.

Insurance of export buyer credits represents the main part of our activities. During the first half-year we insured export buyer credits in the total value of CZK25 billion; this represents 59% share in the aggregate insured volume. Among large business transaction were e.g. railway reconstruction in Azerbaijan and construction of a power plant in Russia.

In the first half-year 2012, we paid out insurance benefits amounting to CZK521 million, while these were, by overwhelming majority, related to insured accidents having occurred in previous years. In the same period, we recovered debts amounting to CZK165 million and prevented losses in amount of CZK100 million.